Monday, 17 March 2014

Quilt #20 Christmas wall hanging

well I am a running a bit behind schedule 
at present with my Blog post...
and as for Tutorials well what can I say...maybe 
next week :) 

But for now I have been busy getting all the quilting 
done and preparing for Classes 

I finished this last Wednesday 
so better late than never right LOL 

anyway this is a class that we did last year 
Jenny was not able to join us 
so she got her kit and toddled off home 
to do it...we she has been very busy with 
birthdays and getting herself Engage to 
the Love of her life Micheal :) :) 

So she decided that she need to get this done and 
dusted before she moved back to Brisbane to be 
with her man :) 

we used a white cotton top and bottom 
and with an all over design of Snowflakes 
this beautiful star will take pride of 
place this coming Christmas in her 
new home with her new Love and Life 

Congratulations to both of you
and we here at Darvanalee Designs 
wish you all the love and happiness you 
both deserve :) 

we are going to miss your smiling face and little giggle here in class 
but we know that you are excited to be moving in with your man 

and as for me now onto my next Quilt a love 
Applique Quilt all the way from St George Qld :) 

Happy Quilting ") N

1 comment:

  1. What a great story to go with a quilt :) At the rate the months are flying past we will all be looking at Christmas fabric before we know it ;)