Saturday, 29 March 2014

Quilt #21 Australian Tea Party

Well it has been a while since my last post on what we have been doing here at 
Darvanalee Designs,
I can tell you this is not through a lack of work as 
we have been very busy here with quilting and classes 
:) Lots of fun being had by all....

today I thought I would share this gorgeous quilt 
that was came to via my mail order service :) 
from St George Qld 

Gwen informed me that she was very keen to have the 
quilt finished asap as it is going into the local 
agricultural show in St George...

so after some lengthy discussions about what we were going to
quilt her gorgeous quilt...we decided to go with 
what as suggested in the pattern 
as there was so much Applique on the quilt
so micro stipple and larger stipple on the borders it was...

So a couple days later the quilt arrived safe and sound  YaY for Australia Post :) 
after unpacking Gwen's Quilt...which i might add the Pictures that I seen of it 
really did not do this quilt was soo beautiful...
as it was a mail order quilt and it arrived on a Friday and my Machine 
was free I loaded it in and got to quilting :) 

as you can see we try to blend the cotton as best as we could match 
it the background fabric...not always an easy feat but we got there
here you can see some of the work that has been done to it....

then it was finished out of the machine and trimmed and 
packed back up and heading back home 

Gwen received her quilt back home Safe and Sound 
and promptly rang me to tell me a big thank you 
and that she loved the work...

we are now waiting for the Picture to come through 
of the finished Gwen is putting on 
all the Embellishments as I type :) 

Happy Quilting ") N
Better get cracking and get onto the next quilt 
for Margaret ")