Thursday, 13 March 2014

At it again Quilt #19

Oh My what a week it has been I have 
been busy quilting and sewing up a storm and 
still more to go...

things are starting to pick up pace here in 
Kingaroy Queensland with the local Agricultural shows 
starting to get under way...and that
can only mean one thing for me 

Quilting Quilting Quilting 
and you know what I would not have it any other way 
I love what I do that is for sure....

anyway enough about me ") 

Lets talk about the quilt that I have just finished 
for Debby.S of Nanango Queensland 
a beautiful Red and White Quilt
I love these Colours 
although if you asked Debby she would say otherwise
But she has made this Quilt for a Friend that Loves Red 
and I think that she had done a fantastic job
we used an all over pattern called "wave on wave" 
it is proving to one of our favorites :) :) here 
at Darvanalee Designs :) 

We used a white cotton as it blended the nicest 
and as you can see it has turned out just 
divine :) I love it....

it has now been picked up and is getting the binding on 
and then it will be off to its new home soon :) 

thanks again Debby for letting me be apart of your 
quilting journey 

I love seeing all your lovely quilts you are one very talented lady :)
Happy Quilting ") N



  1. Thank you for the wonderful quilting, once again making my quilts look that little bit more special and beautiful.....

  2. you are very welcome is always a pleasure t to help you finish your quilts :) :)