Monday, 19 March 2018

Sewing Machine Needle Organiser

In this Step by Step tutorial, We show you how to make this gorgeous. Sewing Machine Needle Organiser. If you are anything like me, you use more than one sort of Sewing Machine Needle for your projects. I know I hate having to rummage around looking for the right Sewing Machine Needle. And that is how the Sewing Machine Needle Organiser pattern came to be...I was tired of searching for my packets of Sewing machine Needles...they would drop on the floor. Now with my Sewing machine needle organiser, you can see at a glance the needle that you are looking for, and you will have your Sewing Machine Needles at hand.

You will need the following supplies 
Supplies List
Outer Fabric
Lining Fabric
Pellon SF101
Fusible Fleece
Clear Vinyl
Craft Felt
Binding Fabric (Jelly Roll or scrap binding strips are good for this.)   
Tissue Paper or Teflon Presser foot to sew the vinyl
Snap Buttons (4 sets)
Snap Button Setting tool

Other Supplies
Sewing Machine and a New Needle (leather 90/14 or Universal 90/14
Quilting rulers
Pinking Shears
Matching Thread
Wonder clips
General sewing Supplies --pins, scissors etc.

and you can find the supplementary video to the pattern HERE

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