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Block of the Month (BOM) March Block #3 2018

Block 3
Saw Tooth

So let us get started!

What you Need:
1 fat Quarter White Fabric - Background (either plain or tone on tone)
1 Fat Quarter each light and dark pink Fabric ( Either plain or print)
Sewing Machine with ¼” foot
Rotary Cutter
Cutting Mat
Quilting Ruler
Matching Threads
Thread Snips
Best Press
Iron and Ironing Pad

Cutting Instructions:

You can Find your printable cutting instruction HERE

Cutting Instructions

From the White Background Fabric

Cut 2 ✂ 4⅞”  Squares then cut diagonal to yield 4 triangles.
Cut 10 ✂ 2⅞” squares of each colour, then cut them Diagonally once to yield
20 triangles of each colour.  

Dark Pink Fabric

Cut 2 ✂ 4⅞” Squares of Drak Pink, then cut diagonal to yield 4 triangles.  

Light Pink
Cut 5 ✂ 3⅜" Squares of the Light pink

Block Assembly
Now onto the Assembly of your Block
and Don't forget we have a Video Tutorial for you
to follow along with you can find the Video

We are using SCANT Quarter inch seam allowance throughout the pattern and pressing Seams Open.  Please Reduce your stitch length
2.0 or 1.8 depending on your machine.

First, we are going to create our Half Square Triangles (HST)

You will be creating 4 of these. Reduce your stitch length to 2.0 or lower to what
The machine will allow, We do this as we are opening up our seams. This action of lowering
Our stitch length will stop the block from coming apart.
To Create your 4 HST units, you will,
take your white and Dark Pink triangles
with right sides together sew an
Scant ¼" inch seam allowance from one corner
diagonal to the opposite corner.
Now Press open.
Your HST should now look like the picture below
Repeat with the remainder of the triangles.
You will now have 4 unit.s


Next, we are creating our Light Pink Diamond Blocks
you will be creating 5 of these sets.
Take 5 of your White small triangles at a time
and your 5 light pink sqares and find the center
of both the Square and then on the longest side of the triangle.
Match these center points up, and place a pin and chaine piece
with a Scant quarter inch seam allowance. Press seams open.
Now repeat on the opistsite side
once you have done this, Press open again.
Next we do the same thing again to the remaining sides of the
of the square and repeat till you have 5 Diamond Blocks as
pictured below
Remembering to use aScant ¼” seam allowance and press your seams open
Not sure how to do this, Please refer to the Video
We have posted on YouTube.
You can find it HERE

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Diamond Block 

Step 1.
take 2 of your HST and 1 Diamond unit and assemble as pictured below

Step 2.
Take your 3 Daimnond Blocks, and assemble
as shown below.

Step 3.
take 2 of your HST and 1 Diamond unit  and assemble as pictured below

Step 4. now assemble all your rows and pictured below in
the order following the arrow Directions.

Sew top strip to 2nd strip
See image

Then sew the 2 you have just sewn together, to the next strip
to the 2 that you have just sewn.
nesting your seams

Your block is now assembled and ready to be set aside
do not trim your block until we have all 12 finished
Make sure that you have ¼” around the block we will not lose any points when it

comes to final Assembly of your quilt. Set this block aside.  

Finished Block
Called “Saw Tooth”

I hope you enjoyed your Third for the Block of the Month.
Please don’t forget to share your gorgeous blocks with our
Facebook Community.
We all love seeing what you are creating.
Join us again next Month for another Block

Happy Quilting ") N

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