Sunday, 11 February 2018

The Week that Was February 4th to February 11th 2018

The Week that Was February 4th to
 February 11th, 2018 

It was another jam-packed week this week
at DDs.
What can I say, I like to keep myself busy
and I also Like to keep you busy too...

So let us look at the week that was.


There have been a few little changes this week,
One is that I have moved all my Live chat videos over
to their own Playlist on YouTube.
This is going to do one of two things,
one being that they will be all in one place.
And two, people that are not on Facebook or in the group will
be able to have access to them.
You can find the palylist Here.

this week has also seen the release of the second Block for the 
2018 Free Mystery Block of the Month on our YouTube channel.
It is a quick and fun Block, and as usual, we have our video to go
with the written instructions. 

We have also started our weekly Crafty Tutorials, these will be posted on Friday, AEST (Australia for those that are International)
The month of February has a lot of using what we have crafty tutorials.
In case you missed our first one, you can check it out here 

You can find all the info on the What's On tab every month this
will give you the opportunity to plan for your crafty weekends.
We have lots planned for you this year, so I hope you are ready...


This week I had a couple little jobs to do, one was a table runner, and you can see it in more detail below in our Video. 

I also had a few Placemats to do as well, we were using
Q-bot in this Video, you see it in action below. 

Facebook Group.
I am in Awe of our Facebook group, it is a hive of activity.
Lots of people are commenting, getting in and having a go at the projects that are going up on YouTube channel.
We are all loving what we are seeing, you are all very talented...
The community is growing every day and is very supportive
of all levels of crafting experience.
So if you have not yet joined in the fun of our group, then please click the link here and join. I promise you will love the community that we are building. 

This week also saw the start of Show'n'Tell Monday's.
We had so much fun, the topic was, a fun one.
We were going on a Sewing Retreat, and we had to pack one crafty item into a bag, we then had to repeat what the last person had written plus yours was very entertaining. There were some very clever responses indeed. 

On the Home Front.

Kids have all settled back into the routine of school and after-school activities. 
The Divine Miss N (11yrs) started back at dancing. This year will see her helping out with the beginner's class. 

Little M (2yrs)  also started Dancing this year, she loved it very much. 
Although I think The Divine Miss N will have her work cut out for her lol. 

Miss S (13yr) has settled into her 2nd year of Highschool, 
headlong into reading already. 
She started back at her weekly Girl Guide meetings.  
This was met with trepidation after one of her fellow Girl Guides, 
and good friend passed away this summer.
After the initial worry and wasn't sure she could go back and face everything, 
she rose to the occasion as did the other Girl Guides. 
To honour their friend, 
they will all be completing as a group her BP award, as she was halfway through it. They will also be completing their awards too. 
Miss S was is pleased with this as she feels that it will Honor her friend and fellow Girl Guide. 

This week also saw me back in the truck driving for my Husband.
On Thursday he popped out his knee and couldn't 
drive the truck and finish the towing jobs he had booked in, 
into the truck it was for Little M and me. 
I was towing 2 at a time as well, but we got the jobs done, 
and the customers were happy indeed...
Although I did get a lot of gees, your wife is driving LOL...
Oh well, the jobs had to get done, and done they were. 

So like I said, my weeks are Jam-packed. 
"Till Next Time 
Happy Quilting & Crafting ") N

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