Monday, 19 February 2018

The Week that was February 12th to February 18th 2018

The Week that was February 12th to
February 18th, 2018

It was another fast-paced week this week, with summer storms,
a heat wave and to top it off,
internet interrupted and power outages...

Monday Rolled around, and it was a hot one, but quilting must go on, so I cranked up the air-con and got quilting, 
Working around a very testy 2yr old was not an easy task on Monday, she was determined for me not to get anything done, 
Ahh but there is always sleep time. 
I managed to get a quilt that had been sitting there since Friday on the machine done and dusted and then I was able to move onto the next one. 
You can see what I go up to on this quilt n the Video below. 

The second quilt in the machine for the week was a big one. 
We started off the week using the Q-bot system on the HandiQuilter Avante-Q18. 
I love it when I get to make a Q-bot pattern it gives my body a rest from quilting.  
It took a little longer than I thought it was going to, 
but this was due to the power coming on and off. 
As I mentioned we had a heatwave this week, so with that comes Summer storms. 
These storms were brewing from around lunchtime of each day.
 In most cases, they were a server and very scary. 
So when this happens the Studio gets shut down, really can't afford for my machines to get fried. 
So it took two days longer than expected but there is no quilting when that sort of stuff is going on, it's just safer that way. 
You can check out this video below and see the pattern being set up and stitched out. 

This week was a battle, along with power outages. 
We also had internet issues, dropping in and out. It made it very difficult and a challenge to get content edited and uploaded. 
Yes, mother nature was trying my patients this week, along with Miss 2yr old LOL.
However, I managed to get my videos up.
This Week has seen us upload our Temporary Design Board tutorial. You can see this here, it is a great space saver, and I use it often.

If you are a subscriber to my channel you may have noticed a few changes, 
we now have playlists to make it a little easier for you to find what videos you may be looking to watch.  
This past week has seen me learn how to Download my video content from Facebook and Upload it to YouTube so you would have noticed that there was a lot of little videos that were, uploaded around the 16th of February.
 Everything from Tips'n'Tricks to past Show'n'Tell posts. 
If you haven't had the chance to have a  look yet head over and have a look around, there are some interesting topics, especially in the Show'n'Tell and Live studio Cam Replays. Here is the Show'n'Tell Playlist 
Show'n'Tell Playlist

Finally, Friday rolled around, and yes we had another storm this was the fourth one for the week. 
It was a big one, and it hit right after school was being let out. So it was a mad dash to the school to get the kids. 
At this point I had been trying to upload the Friday craft Tutorial, it was taking forever as the internet was dropping in and out all afternoon. 
We got there in the end by Saturday Morning, and all was good, you can see the Video below.
 I hope you enjoy it, and I had a lot of fun doing this one. 

Facebook Group 

Everyone is so supportive, and I am loving all the blocks that are being made. 
Keep up the good work everyone and thank you for your continued support and encouragement. 
click here to make this block today

This week also ask the Question what do you want to see on our Channel, after all, it is your channel. We got some excellent suggestions, and I have made a list. You can leave a comment below too. I would love to see what you would like to learn.
 I am looking forward to making the items and showing how to make them yourself. 
For the first time, we didn't have our regular Facebook Live Stream, due to the storms and the internet issues, and you know I missed it.
 All night I felt like I was forgetting something LOL, it is funny how quickly something can become such a part of your life.

Well, as you can see it was a jammed pack week yet again and this coming week is looking much the same, with February coming to a close. We are gearing up for a productive March. Keep an eye this week for our Monthly Calendar for all the happenings 
'Till next time 

Happy Quilting & Crafting ") N 

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