Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Where has that 8 weeks gone!!!

WoW it had been a whirl wind of a couple months 

I have been Quilting up a storm 
so I haven't been doing much for myself 

and as for tutorials well they have gone out the window 

so here is some of the quilts that I have been working on over the last couple months...
we have been very busy indeed...but I wouldn't have it any other way 

I just love helping the local ladies finish their quilts 
there are some very talented ladies indeed ")  

they are not in any particular order but if you want to see more of my work you can find me 
on Facebook/Pinterest/Instagram 

I Just love this quilt Amanda of Kingaroy is such a simple design...the colours are bright and cheerful....when in came to me I thought Cupcakes would look good on this one and using a bright variegated thread was called for...It turned out just beautiful and I am sure that her daughter is going to love it amazes on a daily basis that a quilts with such simple designs can be transformed into the most stunning quilts ")

     This Quilt was Brought into me by Ester of Kingaroy 
as you can see this is  a lovely cot quilt made for her friends baby shower it has little owls all over it and then we 
decided to put the Hedwig Owls deisng over the quilt....using  a varigated thread called Strawberries and was such a gorgeous quilt...I have since spoke to Ester and she tells me her friends was absolutely in love with the quilt.... ")

this lovely quilt is Janet's of Nanango...this is her second quilt and pillow front....
 that I have done for her ....she was very happy with the end has even been on a show & Tell trip to her local craft group it was loved by all :)
I jut love the country colours in this one andthe butterflies really set it off :) 
reminds me of a spring garden :)


this quilt was dropped into my friends shophere in Kingaroy Qld..Yvonne done this for her Teenagae Granddaughter....I just love how she has used up all her bits and peices out of her scrap and stash baskests ")....

    we use a rainbow variegated thread andas her Granddaughter is into Owls...we used the Large Hedwig Owl design") she was very happy with the end result as was I....I just love this Quilting deisgn..and it is proving to be very popular too ")


 This Quilt was absolutely amazing and was a King size
and as you can see it had all different blocks to work with
Marian of Ellsmere Qld ...came to me 
in the hope that I would be able to help her 
finish her stunning quilt....she was testing the waters 
so to speak with me...she usually took her 
                                                  quilts to Brisbane...

                               which I might add is approximately 3 hrs from us...
as she put it she was taking a Leap of faith leaving the quilt 
with me...
After many consultations...and a lot of
emails back and forth...we finally decided to keep 
it simple around the induviual blocks and make the 
center echoing around block and as you can see
the middle block pictured here...I used the same principle 
but took a comperterised design and worked with that....
     it turned out beautiful...
         and Marian was very please with the end result ")  
She is now taking this quilt to her Son and Daughter in-law 
as this was a belated wedding gift ") 
I was soo happy that I got to me apart of this special Quilt 

 Here is Cindy's very first quilt 
Cindy came to Darvanalee Designs a few months ago to learn how to 
patchwork...we started her on a 
simple strip quilt as she had never sewn or done patchwork before..she wanted to make this for her turned out just wonderfully...her Daughter chose the quilting designs...and we used 
 a rainbow variegated thread...she was very happy with her first attempt...and now is happily working on her sons quilt....")

  Lyn of Murgon Qld has brought in this beauty in this quilt she has used up 
all her scraps for her Granddaughters Single bed topper....she just wanted a simple stippling all over the quilt...
I just love how ladies use up all their
bits and pieces out of their stash and scrap baskets...
it is almost like an "I Spy Quilt" 

 Now this one has a story...
Helen is a Nurse all over the Country here in Australia ... she was recently here in Kingaroy...
I met her and her friend Gayle at the local Country Markets in NanangoI attend them every month ") ...
anyway Helen said she had a quilt for me to have  alook at...she said that she would come and see me the following Monday...and that she did with this 
beautiful quilt....there she told me that this was for her Daughter in-law and the it was enventually going to indoniesia..Wow...Helen wouldn't get to see the finished quilt as she was off again to Christmas Island ...well as she thought....but when I finished the 
quilt and sent her an email...she was somewhere completely different lol ") ...the Cocos Islands....I had to send the quilt to Brisbane in the arrived safe and sound ...and I sent her all the pics that I took during the quilting process...Helen was very happy to be able to see the quilt and the process it went made her feel like she was part of the process...even though she wasn't here...
she was in the Middle of the Indian Ocean ")  


Now as I mentioned above I Met Helenand her friend Gayle 
and as it truned out Gayle had some quilts for me to look at finishing for her...she had 2 for me ") here is her first one....I love these colours it is such a simple quilt and it turned out just beautiful she didn't really want the quilting to be a feature on this quilt so
we used a solid colour and blended into the quilt very nicely ") 
she was very happy with the end result....

This is Gayle's 2nd quilt and this one she has made for 
the back seat of her her Doggy dosen't damage her with this one we used a cream cotton and a simple stipple all over
we also used a heavy duty backing ...
it truned out very nice and she was very 
happy too...that is one lucky pooch indeed ") 


 This quilt came to by way of referral Helen of Kingaroy Qld 
had been working on this for some is Needle Turn Applique 
again Helen is using up her stash...she wants to use it all as she is the 
lst quilter in her family...and she is afraidthat it will not get used when she is gone her words not mine....this quilt is a King size and I can tell you the pictures do not do it justiceI am a quilter after all not a Photographer LOL anyway we used a beige cotton and again we used a simple stipple avoiding the Applique...Helen was very happy and has since dropped off another one of her quilts that she has been working on for 10yrs ") 
I can't wait to show you that one ") 


This one I just love to bits this is the 3rd "Double Irish Chain" I have done for Amanda...and each time 
she amazes me....this one is in Red & Blacks with Butterflies and Flowers...with her other 2 she has always 
played it safe...but this time she wanted to step outside the box so to speak...
as you can see she has left the center squares empty...she had seen the butterfly pattern on another quilt that I had done and she wanted to have that design....after a long disscussion about 
cotton colour I suggested we use a solid "Black"....her eyes said it all....that is what we are going with she said ")
and you can see from the close up it turned out just beautiful 
and I can honestly say she is over the moon ") 
 and so is her daughter ") 

Sally of Nanango Qld
owns this beautiful Quilt 
Sally has been coming to me to 
her quilts finished by me for approximately 3yrs now I have been with her for her intire 
journy in patchwork...she has come along way in that time 
this quilt she has done as a lap quilt for her lounge room ")
we used a cream cotton and a large 
flower and stipple design...she is sooo 
in love with it ") and so am I
                                                                   I love the fabrics in this quilt 
just adorable ") 

 So as you can see I have been very busy...
but I do love what I do and I would 
not change it for the world.....

Happy Quilting ") N