Sunday, 9 June 2013

First Timer ")

I have been at it again....

Yep you guessed it 

Some Might ask... Do you ever stop?? LOL 
well in short NO ") 

this Quilt was Dropped of by a Local 
Business Owner here in 
Kingaroy Qld 

This a First for Janelle 

Janelle is self taught in Patchwork
she came to me hoping that I would be able to help 
her finish her quilt....
When I seen this quilt I thought 
WoW!!! that is a lot it bite off 
for a First pieced quilt....
and "My Lord" it is big 

                                                 so here is it is being loaded into the machine
                                     with a few minor adjustments 
                           I am ready to quilt it...  

next we have to pick the design 
after going through what seemed like 
100's of pages...we Finally decided on 
this there were a couple of 
rookie mistakes...we thought this 
pattern would hide them well ") 

   now that the machine and the 
quilt is all set I am ready to start is a close up of the design
at the beginning of quilting...we also chose to use a variegated thread...
we used a colour called "Mocha Toffee" lovely rich browns 
 It took 15hours in the end to is a all over edge to edge designs...It has hidden all the rookie mistakes that Janelle was worried about and as you can see 
it  turned out just Gorgeous ") 

  Janelle took delivery of her quilt
on Friday night....and I can honestly say she had the biggest  smile I have ever seen... in total there are approx. 3197 small 2 inch squares individually pieced together. Now Janelle is adding another few hundred squares for the binding and it will be all finished..not bad for a First Timer!!!! ") A job well done By Janelle ")

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Happy Quilting ") N




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