Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Show'n'Tell Monday Whoops Tuesday 19.06.18

here we are again Show'n'Tell Monday, but this week we are doing it on Tuesday 
as I was running behind this week...not a good way to be at the beginning of the week LOL
Anyway, this is what Sarah wrote this week ...
And My video is at the bottom of the post ") I look forward to seeing your suggestions 

One of my favourite movies is Apollo 13 which is a depiction of how NASA dealt with an emergency in space regarding the space mission and the spacecraft housing 3 astronauts. I don’t want to go into too much detail just in case you have not seen the movie. There is one scene that I can play over and over again where the engineers on the ground had to create a carbon dioxide filter made only with what the crew on the spacecraft had at their disposal and then communicate the procedure to the astronauts. What I love about the scene is the brilliance of the engineers who created a square peg to fit into a round role - the actual design of the original carbon dioxide filter used on the spacecraft. - “fit this into the hole for this using nothing but that.

A pattern and fabric can also motivate the same kind of creativity as building a carbon dioxide filter. I purchase fabric that I would like to use to represent “something” dictated by the pattern, then I purchase enough fabric as instructed so that the construction of the “something” represents the finished dimensions. I cut out the pieces that I will sew together to make that “something. At times I look at all the pieces laid out on my cutting table and i get the same feeling when I watch that scene from Apollo 13 - “fit this into the hole for this using nothing but that” along with “now what do I do with all of that”? Sometimes what I see on my cutting table is totally different than the picture I see on the pattern.

I also have the tendency to purchase fabric, store it and then my some happenstance I discover it and wonder “what in the heck…”. In the past, I just purchased fabric per pattern but I stopped doing that because I am now purchasing fabric that I like independently of any plans. On Monday I purchased some great fabric and when I was putting it away, I noticed some fabric where I didn’t understand where my mindset was and this was before any of the trauma of last month. I examined each of the patterns that I have purchased and nothing clicked between the patterns and the fabric. I looked at the fabric and that scene from Apollo 13 played in my mind but yet I could not think of how to use that fabric or create a “square peg into a round hole.” I even asked Mark’s opinion about what I should use the fabric for but that was as useless as asking him if my tush looks big in my jeans….he just looks for clues as to what he thinks he should say so he cops out and tells me to listen to my instincts. I hate it when he uses my own philosophy against me.

Show and Tell Monday, June 18 - This Show and Tell will be about helping each other out with our suggestions regarding fabric that we have but we don’t know what to do to justify the purchase. Look through your fabric and find some fabric that you have kept but have not managed to find its use. Post a picture of the fabric and let us help you by giving suggestions. There may be some great suggestions that you would have never thought of or you may have to retire the fabric to the great stash in the sky.

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