Saturday, 9 June 2018

5D Diamond Painting Review - Unboxing - China Mail - How Bad it can get

At the time of uploading this Video, I have still not heard from the Supplier, it has been a 10days, I will Update as things come to light...

In this Video, we show just how bad it can get...Our 5D Diamond Painting was very much a ruined by water. There were no rips or holes in the packaging. I would actually give the supplier a big thumbs up for that. They also added some extras in that were not mentioned in the description upon purchase, so that also gets a thumbs up from us. However, at some stage, this package was under water and took over 9 weeks to get to us. I have never had something take that long to get to me from Ali express, longest I have ever waited is 6 week. If you look closely in the video, you can see the black specs that are in the packaging. You can also see some sort of black muck that has come out of the packaging on just at the bottom of the screen. Considering it took over 9 weeks to get to us and was full of water, I can only assume that it came to Australia by ship, but can't be sure of this. At the end of this Video on our Diamond Painting Unboxing, you will see we are trying to make it work for us and the supplier, You can see that we are going to try and salvage the item...And I can happily report that yes we have managed to dry things out, the paper that comes with all the information was lost, and the extra nail stickers were fixable at all they were just thrown in the bin... The Diamond Painting itself had been dried out, and the protective paper has also been dried out, the Diamond Painting has lost some of the tackiness on the paste area. The Diamonds have not lost any of their colour, and all seem to be ok and in tack. We do however think that these will not paste to the paste area very well at all, as the Diamond Painting Canvas is not very sticky now. This would be from the prolonged exposure to moisture. We now Wait to hear back from the supplier listed below. At the time of this Upload, it had been 10 days. My Daughter is very disappointed with this as she wanted to get all the Dragons they have in the series, as we couldn't find them anywhere else...Please keep an eye out for more updates

Supplier: Matreshka LoveDIY store on Aliexpress...
Size of the Diamond Painting is 30cm x 37cm

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