Monday, 9 April 2018

Show'n'Tell Monday April 9th 2018

Show'n'Tell Monday, April 9th, 2018

So what is show and tell Monday?...

Well put simply this is something that we do in our Facebook Group
each we are given a topic to ponder the Thursday before, then I post a YouTube video On the Monday Afternoon Australian Time. This is so that the rest of the world will wake to
it on Monday morning.

Then members of the group answer or show us what the theme is...
in the comments directly below the post...
So I thought I would share this with the broader community,
so here I am showing this weeks topic.

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Each week Sarah Posts up a new topic for us on a Thursday, and this was her post this week :) :) 
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 ** See Below as written by Sarah**
As an undergraduate, I majored in Sociology. I was more interested in understanding how we functioned and the influences of social complexities bestowed by environment and culture than the psychology of it all. It wasn’t until I had to take a social-psychology class and then the course that sealed my academic and then my career was The Pathology of the Criminal Mind. Lol - LOVED that class. Frighteningly though, most of my family members and some friends fit into the chapter contents.

But getting back to sociology. In my Marriage and Sociology class, my professor made the following statement: “You marry the people you know, you know the people that you associate with and you associate with the people who are near.” I was 20 years old and a Junior in college; the marriage was something so way off my radar that the statement did not resonate with me until early this morning when I was walking my dog.

Substitute the “marriage” factor with "sewing friends", and we have something interesting.
I can only speak for myself when it comes to my “sewing friends”. I met a lot of “sewing friends” through classes I took in my community and like most of you met “friends” through retreats or through online affiliations and have continued “relationships” online without having met in person. I add the “in person” because now a “wink” through IMessage is now considered the beginning of a relationship. I’m using quotation marks because I think Facebook has diluted the integrity of being friends with the use of emojis and the numbers game; having 350 friends on Facebook doesn’t make you a good “friend” nor is a marker for any standard of being liked more than others. Seriously speaking how many of the 350 people would actually be there for you if you needed them? How many would show up at your funeral? I worry about those people who use social media as a crutch and worry about those people who can’t seem to make friends outside of social media. Now that would have been a fun chapter in any social pathology class.

I do acknowledge that if had not been for some involvement in social media, I would not have met my sewing friends that I have now. Notice no quotation marks. I do consider these people as friends without the footnote of “sewing.” But interesting question: would we be friends independently of our sewing and quilting. And forget about the obvious: of course, sewing brought us together but let's say within another context such as, well here is a thought - reality - would we be friends? Looking back at my “sewing friends” and our history, My question would be: would I be an unconditional friend, give them my last dollar, fly to their home if they needed me, give them the shirt off my back and my very last yard of Cotton and Steel -listen and hear them…My answer: to the 20 percent of the people I called or presently call my friends. In other words, of all the “sewing friends” that I made these past 4 years only 20 percent out of all those people would qualify and within that 20 percent, there are a couple of people that I have not met in person but are my friends.

And I would be the first to admit that I am a huge hypocrite when it came to these online “sewing friends” - I used social media to make friends and freely gave people the benefit of the doubt. I mean seriously, how awful can people be if they have a sewing machine?
Having sewing or quilting skills helps in making connections, but I get uncomfortable when suddenly a friendship gets established just because we sew. And don’t get me started with from friendship comes family and that is my boundary. I have a family, as looney as they are and unless you are marrying into my family, then you remain a friend. And believe me, if you met my sister, you would welcome that boundary.

The major component for me having the friends that I do have is that these gems changed my life and we don’t need social media or sewing to remain friends.

Show and Tell Monday, April 9 - Tell us who your friends are and by a friend I mean without using “quotation marks”. Are you friends outside of social media, meaning there is actual contact without the use of a Did you start off as “sewing friends” and then you are now friends? Do you think you need to meet in person and maintain that kind of a relationship to be friends? What makes you friends? And within all this craziness of Facebook, what is your definition of a friend?
** End of Sarah's post**

So as you can see it is a lot to ponder, and ponder I did ") 
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