Saturday, 6 January 2018

Welcome to DD's FREE Online Block of the Month

  Welcome, 2018!

 Welcome to DD's FREE Online Mystery
 Block of the Month.

Why did we decide to make this a regular post on our Blog?

Last year, when we were posting on our Facebook and Instagram pages of all the Class projects. 
There were lots of people commenting, wishing they lived closer to us so they could join the fun.
 So after much discussion and throwing ideas around of ways for people that couldn't make it to one of DD's in store classes, but to be able to still Join in the fun of a Class.
We thought why not an Online Mystery Block of the Month...

So Join us in this adventure of the FREE Online Mystery Block of the Month (MBOM).
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on any of the posts for the FREE Online Mystery Block of the Month (MBOM).

Below are some Frequently asked questions, about MBOM

So what will happen each Month?

On the Second Friday of Each Month, starting on the 12th January 2018, I will post up a new FREE block for you to make. 
Along with a Printable Download ( Using EQ7 see below where to buy)
 and a Video Tutorial for assembly.
You can "SUBSCRIBE" here that way you won't miss a Video 
There will be 12 Blocks in total.

What Size Will the Blocks be?

Each block will be 12 inches finished, so by the end of the 12 months
you will have enough blocks for you make it into a Single size bed
Quilt or Bigger if you prefer, maybe a throw for the Living Room.
These types of quilts are commonly known as a Sampler Quilt. 
and this Particular one will be called 
"Goosey Goosey Gander" 

Why a Sampler Quilt? 

Well as we are doing a different sample block each month.
It gives you the opportunity to try something new 
and perfect your technique.

Where will I find the Posts about the Blocks?

Well you will find them here under the tab 
" Block of the Month (BOM) situated at the 
top of the Blog next to the "Home" Tab.
So if you won't ever miss out on a post. 

How Much Fabric will I need?

 Well, that will depend. For me, I will be using my Scrap basket of Plain colours and using plain white for the background, as I love this style of Quilt.
So in most cases, you will only need 2 Fat Quarters for your Block, but you are not limited to just that amount. It is your quilt, and you can use as many fabrics you like in each
Block, but for me, I am just keeping it simple. That way it will also make it easy for Beginners to join in the fun, of the FREE online  Mystery Block of the Month Club.

For you to make it easy for yourself, I would say pick a 
Background fabric, eg, White Tone on Tone or your Favorite Plain Solid or Low Volume and your Favorite Fat Quarter pack that you have in your stash, or you could spend some time shopping for that perfect fabric. We all love a good shopping spree, don't we? 
Most blocks will only have two contrasting colours, consisting of a background fabric and a plain or print fabric...this makes it perfect for Fat Quarter packs and takes all of the hassles of finding materials that go together, especially if you struggle to match your fabrics and colours. 

What Happens after we make the 12 Blocks?

When we get the end of our 12 blocks, we will tackle the process
of putting your Sampler Quilt together...


You can just leave the blocks as they are, this is an excellent way to practice your free motion quilting techniques, without the having to tackle a larger quilt. Then you can use them as Mini Quilts to decorate your Sewing Space, 
and this is what I do more often than not, it really does brighten up our sewing space.
 I have even used them as placemats at the dining table 
and as table toppers for under holiday decorations, really 
what you do with your blocks is entirely up to you...

Will There be a place for us to share our Blocks?

Yes, we are creating a Facebook group for this particular
reason, it will also be where you can ask questions.
You Can Join Here

At this Point, I have to let you know that, you will see this image below in my posts, Why? Well, it will make it easier for beginners to get the supplies 
that they may need and it also helps me keep great content coming your way. 

Don't forget to Follow our Blog, Subscribe to our YouTube Channel.
and leave a Comment below if you have any ideas of things 
you would like to see here at DD's.

So Join us back here on Friday  12th January 2018 
to receive your First FREE Mystery Block of the Month project.

Happy Quilting ") N 


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Rebecca, Thank you for stopping by today :) :) it is going to be an awesome year of Crafty Goodness :)

  2. Sounds like a great way to learn new blocks & FMQ for newbies like me, thank you Nicole!

  3. EXCITED! I think your idea of turning the blocks into placemats has taken my fancy. Can’t wait for 12th💕

    1. Hi Liz, thank you for your comment and Joining us :) ...the blocks make perfect placemats and table runners too...I do love doing Block of the Months and using the blocks for other purposes :) :) as you can imagine i have a lot of quilts LOL ...welcome and thank you for joining us...Bring on the 12th <3

  4. Is buying the $200 software the only way to print off the pattern?

    1. No hun, you can i will have a downloadable file for you to print need to purchase if you don't want to :) thanks for stopping by :)