Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Mail Order Quilting Australia and Now International

This is Great News for those of you that live in remote
areas and don't have access to professional quilting

Although we specialize in edge to Edge quilting 
we can also do Custom Quilting too 

if you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to contact 
Nicole and we can have a chat about what you want for your 
gorgeous quilt 
But below we have answered the most FAQ's for you. 

What other Services do you offer?
as mentioned above 
we offer a binding service too 
but here are a few more things that we can do for you 

Custom Handmade Quilts
Binding Service 
Rescue Quilting ( within reason)
Light Custom Quilting
and much more 
can't see what you are looking for 
drop us a line and we will be
                                                     able to answer your questions

What Quilting Designs do you Have?
We have many designs available for you to choose 
from  these are just a few on offer
but we have many many more..

What will is cost to get my Quilt finished by you?

This will depend on what size your quilt is 
for instance if your quilt is 
44" x 52" 
that would cost you $55.61 Quilting service only
this includes Quilt set up and cotton used for quilting 
and if you required your quilt                                              to be bound by Darvanalee Designs
                                                     then that would be an 
               extra charge of $30 including fabric for the binding
wadding and backing fabrics are an extra cost to you,
but you get the idea....
you can see some of our past quilts here under 
the "Quilting" tab at the top of the page :)
**the above is an example only the bigger or smaller
 your quilt/wall hanging etc..
the price will be adjusted accordingly ...
Don't forget you can get a free quote
 at anytime if you are not sure :) *** 

What does the Binding Service Include?

Our Binding service is very simple...We cut your binding for you and then we sew it by machine to the front of your gorgeous quilt...and we hand sew your binding to the back of your quilt...all with mitered corners to give your quilt that professional look...So this means that when your quilt is returned to you 
it will be ready to use...this is a great service for those of 
you that don't want the hassle of binding your quilts
and this gives you more time to get onto the next quilt Top.

Can I supply my own backing and Batting/wadding?

Yes you can..we have no problem with you supplying 
your own Batting/Wadding and backing 
But don't worry don't have your own... we have a steady supply of backings and 
wadding/Batting for you to choose from 

What will Shipping Cost me?

Return Shipping is Free to 
Australian Residence only
including insurance  

International Shipping is a flat 
rate of $35 including insurance but excluding Taxes
**note some countries have taxes on items 
so please be aware of these when placing your order 

So how Long will I have to
 wait for my Quilt?
At the present moment we have a
2 week turnaround from when we receive your 
quilt...But this will depend on how busy we are... 
 at different times in the year we maybe at 4 weeks 
turnaround...this time is rare but can happen 
**please note this does not include 
posting times to and from Darvanalee Designs ** 

I don't make Quilts Can you Help Me?

Yes We can help you...
we have been making quilts for people for many years 
that want that beautiful Handmade item for them home 
or as a gift...we can make everything from a Cot size to King Size 
Quilt for you...

How Much will your Handmade Custom Quilting Service Cost Me?

This Very Simple...Here at Darvanalee Designs 
we believe that Everyone should kept warm under 
a Handmade Custom Quilt...
We have a stock of Quilts already made starting at a low 
price of $140 or if you can't see what you like then 
you can chat with us and we will show some of our 
designs or if there is something that you have seen 
and would like that...we can work it out for you :) 
we only charge you for the following 

Fabric in the Quilt top 
Quilting Service 
Binding Service 
and if you require a label 

**please be aware that this Handmade custom Quilting Service 
takes approximately 8-10 weeks depending of the the size and style 
of Quilt but it is well worth the wait I can assure you **

you can visit our Facebook page to see some of the past 
Handmade Custom Quilts that we have done for others
and for more quilting designs :) 

I hope this Helps with some of the Questions 
that you might have had 

if you would like to chat to someone about your
Quilt then you can always give us a call and if you are
local then drop in ...all contact details are above :) 

Happy Quilting ") N

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