Thursday, 21 August 2014

Its a Mystery Quilt #72

 Today we are looking at Lynne's Of Kingaroy
Quilt...this quilt has been done at our Thursday Night Mystery Quilt Club....this club started at the beginning of the year when a Group on Facebook called "Just Us Quilters" started running a Mystery Quilt...there are 5 of us that are in this group that live in the local area...and we were all following along and thought it would be a good thing if we got together once a week and do the quilt that point we thought it would only be one quilt...but then they started another so we did too...
so this one is Lynne's take on the 2nd Mystery quilt.
she has made this one for her sister-in-law 
please do correct me if I am wrong Lynne

anyway we wanted to try and fill the negative area with some flowers...
we used a floral all over quilting was a large flower too 
it looked awesome as you can see from the pictures below how it turned out 
this bright and beautiful quilt will be love for many years to come ") 

for me I am onto the next quilt :) :) 

Happy Quilting ") N

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