Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Woo Hoo More Renovations on the Shop ")

With the hot weather closing in fast 
my hubby decided that we need to do
some speed Reno's 
 to seal up the tin  roof in the shop 
as it was radiating some serious 

so over the last 2 days while the 
kids were at school we got stuck 
into it ") 
so it is was off the the hardware store 
to get our supplies 

we decided to go with wool insulation 
and then we used a foil sheeting that 
held the wool insulation in place 
(not sure what it is called so we will call it blue paper LOL) 

yes I know very technical am.... hehehe

then we purchased so 9mm Ply 
varnished to seal it :) 

now that is some heavy duty insulation going 
on there apparently altogether that would 
give you a rating of 5 :) :) 

so here are some of the pics that I took while 
were doing the reno ") 

and yes I did get in trouble a Lot for 
using my camera  LOL
but if I don't take photos 
who will...and I would like to 
have some documentaion of the
whole process of building up 
my business from scratch

so here we are just starting 

as you can see the tin is exposed
above we started to put the noggins
up so we can put he insulation in ")

next we move on to the wool insulation :)
and to our relief it was not making us itchy

here you can see all the Wool insulation in
now we move on the putting up the
as I like to call it the Blue paper LOL 

finally we have all the blue paper up
there I go again being all technical LOL 

Next was the let me tell you
I know one thing I am not
cut out for construction  but I gave it
my best...and the I thought that my arms
were going to drop off

you tell by the pics here below LOL
not so good 

here we are nearly 
finished the lining of the roof 
this is on the second day 
we were starting to get a 
bit tired now 
but it was starting to 
come together ")
after lots of shifting this here and that 
there we maneuvered
around all the machinery 

And Finally we are at the end of the journey
we have put the last sheet up
after 18hrs of work
we done it
just have to put some more finishing touches like curtains
and hang some quilts on the walls
and get some joins sealed

but as you can see it has really come together
Nicely ")

thanks to the best Hubby in the world 
fabric and Long-arm machine
Class area

it was amazing as we were working
we could really feel the difference
in the heat reduction

Now all we have to do is install the Air-Con
and I can then say goodbye to Hot
working conditions ")

I can tell you
I am one happy Chicky right now ")

Happy Quilting


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