Monday, 25 November 2013

How to Cut and Prep 12 Churn Dash Blocks in less than 2hrs

This Crazed Quilter has been at it again ")

Have you ever wondered how some people 
are able to make quilts soo quickly

do often think to yourself it is not just possible

well today I am going to show you it can be done 
and done very quickly 

So here is how this all started 
after a customer came to me 
with a request for a Applique Farm Scene 
quilt with some nice patchwork blocks 
around the center...mind you with a deadline 
of the 14th of December 2013
so I thought to my 
(and yes i do have way to much time alone)
how can I do this and quick really quick 
as she not only wanted one she wanted 2 single 
bed quilts 

AUGH!!!!!!!!!!! came to mind 
I can't do this....

but after some serious thinking 
I though I can do this 
with Churn Dash as my patchwork block 
I ran this past the customer and she 
loved it ") 

so my next task was to get this done

so this is how you can have 12 Blocks prepared and cut 
 and ready for sewing in less 2hrs ") 

so this is what a Churn Dash Looks like ") 

 So lets get started ") 
you will need the following:
(***WOF*** width of fabric )

4 strips of Blue fabric cut (WOF)
4 strips of Green fabric cut (WOF)
approx 7 x 2.5 inch strip of Blue Fabric cut (WOF)
approx 7 x 2.5 inch of Green Fabric cut (WOF)
1 x 4.5 inch square a colour of your choice
Rotary Cutter
Cutting Matt
Water Soluble marker 
thread for project 
and Sewing machine 

Now on to the Fun Stuff ") 

1. we need to cut 2 strips of fabric across
the width of the fabric measuring 
4&7/8's of on inch 
now you will need to contrasting 
(i used Blue and Green Batik)

2. Now take you fabric marker and mark 
4&7/8's of an inch as shown in the image below
and continue this along the strip measuring from each line marked
4&7/8's of an inch 

3. then mark corner to it looks 
like the image below continue along 
the strip :) 

4. Now take your blue strip and place it onto of the 
green strip and take to the sewing machine 
Now we sew :) 1/4 inch either side of the 
diagonal line :) 
** refer to image below **

5. Now once you have done this 
take to your cutting mat and 
cut along the vertical line 
until you have your squares 

6. then cut along the Diagonal line 
on each square *refer to image below*
now you have your 1/2 square triangles ") Yay

7. now it is off to press your 1/2 square triangles 
first set your seams and then press open your squares
you will need 4 of these to make one 
Block **refer to the image below** 
8. Now we cut some 2.5 inch strips 
one blue and one green...we need to cut 5 of the blue 
and 5 green to make enough for 12 blocks ") 
**refer to the image below** 

9. take your strips to your sewing machine and sew them
together...and repeat with remaining strips chain 
piecing if you like ") this speeds up the process 

10. Now take your strips to the ironing board 
and set your seam and press open.

11. Now take your ruler 4.5 inch square and cut 
into 4.5 inch squares

12. Now the customer had picked out this fabric 
for the center blocks..but if it was my quilt I would have had 
a green square ( but that is just me lol)
anyway I am fussy cutting her so you can see in the 
image below that I have taken my 4.5 inch square ruler 
and placed it over where I wanted to cut...I Cut 12 squares
for 12 blocks  

13. now sort you piles into the following 
for each block
4 x Half square triangle
4 x green & blue strips
and 1 x 4.5 inch center square 

and there you go 12 Churn Dash Squares 
all cut and prepped and ready to sew together 
in less than 2hrs :) 

Happy Quilting ")  


  1. That's a great tutorial! Well done! Looking forward to seeing the next instalment. :-)

    1. I will be posting up the follow onto this tutorial Mid January 2014...I glad you enjoyed this tutorial :) thanks for stopping by