Saturday, 5 January 2019

2019 Block of the Month - Foundation Paper Piecing - Introduction

2019 Block of the Month - Foundation Paper Piecing - Introduction
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Hi and Welcome to Darvanalee Designs Studio 2019 Block of the Month Introduction video, As the title suggests we are going to be doing a block a month for from January 9th till December 2019, with the final video being the assembly of the quilt...In this video, I will go over some of the tools that you will need...But don't worry I am not going to tell you to go out and buy more tools and products...instead we are going to use the tools that we already have in our sewing rooms...we cover how much Fabric you need I have included below the measurements in yards as well as meterage...We also talk about where you will find the blocks each month...So sit back relax and take some notes on what you need, and I will see you all next week January 9th for our 1st block...and then every second Wednesday of the month for the next block in the series...There are 12 Blocks in total...

So Let's Get Started.

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Beginners Foundation Paper Piecing- How to make a Mug Rug:

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