Monday, 14 May 2018

Show'n'Tell Monday 14th May 2018

This weeks topic as written by Sarah on our Facebook group 

Another personified holiday and the commentaries about Mother’s Day. The commercialization of the day is a constant theme and how those of us who celebrate it is a selfish thoughtless lot because shouldn’t every day be Mother’s Day? My answer: NO to having every day as Mother’s Day and YES to having a day for Moms.
Two years ago I read the rantings and ravings of an individual who posted on her timeline on Facebook her complaints about how Mother’s Day diluted the integrity of honoring our mothers on a daily basis and THAT she took care of her mom, called her, took her out to lunch and that she did not need a day to “honor” her mother. She does the honouring all the time. The post resonated with me because it seemed to me that this person was “fishing” for exactly the affirmation and attention we give to our moms or that our children bestow upon us. I truly hope she received some affirmation because the post seems to reflect a lack of attention that this person truly needed from anybody who would then tell her what “a great daughter” she is…..hypocritical but such a sad post.
The same message comes across at Christmas. I do not understand why people moan and groan about the holiday’s commercialism. Its an important religious icon’s birthday. There should be presents, lots of presents, lots of everything and cake. As Julia Child said, “a party is only a meeting if there isn’t a cake.”
I for one am all for indulgences and let me make things clear: such indulgences whether it is buying fabric or celebrating our moms or having ourselves celebrated should all be within a healthy context. You know the drill: don’t use the mortgage payment for a new sewing machine.

Celebrating an occasion, tooting our own horns because of accomplishments, purchasing fabric, notions, sewing machines should be a cause for great happiness and terms of endearments should be expressed and often. Think back when you first purchased a new sewing machine and you spent a lot of time playing with it, singing its praises, petting it and some of us even name our machines. Don’t hide it though the need to be respectful that some people may not afford 200 sewing machines are always in the back of our minds but that shouldn’t put a footnote on your joy or our joy for your happiness.
What is the big deal of having one day where our focus is on our moms and ourselves as mothers. As a mom and a daughter, I love Mothers Day. I love having the attention where my Sophie doesn’t have to be reminded of the 6 inch c-section scar and both Mark and Sophie appreciate what a great mom I am. I also bestow that same attention to my mom who was my role model for parenting my own child, with of course some tweaks
, but the day is filled with good thoughts and not in any judgment calls because things may be different the next day. If there are the underpinnings of love and appreciation for our moms and we respect ourselves as mothers, having a special day is just that - a special day.
I have the same enthusiasm when I purchase fabric, a new sewing machine or any notion that catches my eye. I don’t hide it, because why would I hide anything that makes me happy? My sewing room is an open invitation to Mark and anyone else - what I purchase within that context of sewing or quilting is part of who I am. And again I have my financial boundaries. I cringe when I read about fabric hoards or someone just purchased another machine because such purchases can come under the scrutiny of a judgement call. Stop apologizing, stop hiding and embrace it.
So this Sunday, celebrate your moms, grandmothers, and especially soak in all the attention you receive as mothers and make room for celebrating your craft. Walk into your sewing room and proclaim “its ALL MINE!!” and be grateful that you have the good taste to purchase that particular fabric before the fabric line is no longer available.
For those of you who do not have your moms to celebrate with, I for one give thanks to them because without them, I would not have some of the friends that I have. And though I haven’t met these women, their gift of their daughters to me as my friend is huge.
Celebrate big and loud and eat some cake.
Show and Tell Monday, May 14 - I know this will be one day later but tell us the name of your mom. Did she introduce you to sewing? Tell us something about her.
Have a GREAT weekend.
Have a big, happy, Mother’s Day !!!

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