Wednesday, 18 October 2017

OMG!!!! It's a Skirt ")

This week my Longarm went down 
and I am waiting for he repairman to 
come and sort out the timing...

So what is a girl to do, you might ask.

Well I got out all my UFO's and sorting them into 
Quick and Easy and Need a fair amount of time.
and have started doing some of them...But that is for another 
I also got out my binding Jobs and have been 
doing has been perfect weather for it.
It has been raining here on and off for the better part of the 
Next I got out all my bag patterns and went through
them and organised them into what I want to make and 
what I don't at this time, and if you are anything like me you 
have a collection of patterns...
It's almost to the point of
                                             Hi my name is Nicole and 
                                            I have a pattern collecting 
                            now is the time for me to make them well at least one every day or 
                  so. You can see some of what I have been making HERE .

Next I moved onto making some clothing for myself, and for me this 
is exciting as I have not made much in the way of clothing.

I have dabbled over the years but mostly in kids clothing 
as I can't really understand patterns as I am still 
learning...I got this lovely Rayon Fabric
Called Japanese Garden a few weeks back. 

Not know what I was going to make with it. 
Or even knowing where to start...I just fell in love with it.

So I started looking on YouTube for Circle Skirts
but unfortunately my fabric was not wide enough for me to 
make a full length on as that is the style of skirt I like...

Then it happened I clicked on the Crafty Gemini and sure 
enough like so many times before Vanessa, came through for the fans
with her Tutorial on how to make a Maxi Skirt and you can find the tutorial 

so with my measurements in hand I set up myself up 
to get I didn't have a ruffle foot. 
I set my machine to the longest stitch to 
create my gathering and as you can see from the pics it has worked a treat. 
I have since found out that I can also use my Serger for ruffles too, Thank you 
Andra for the tip. Will definitely be giving it a go :) 

next as I didn't have what Vanessa used, I used a Elastic that I had on hand 
but followed the step as Vanessa was a little bit difficult for it 
to line up but it was pretty close....and as this was my first skirt I was happy with it close enough...As you can see with the style of shirts I ware you can't even notice...

I have learnt a lot from making this skirt, that is for sure 
will I make? Yes another most definitely...
I have already started looking for some more 
I really like the Rayon and how it sewed together and how it drapes over my hips..and would like to try some 
different types fabrics ...but for now I want to learn all I can about Rayon and how to use it in Different applications...
Hmmm the mind boggles on what to make...
 but I would like to master 
the Skirt making process first before moving on to my next clothing item :) ..I decided that I am going to make a couple different types
skirts with some of the fabrics that I have 
collected over time and from what I can tell they are also Rayon 
...Yes I am also a fabric 
addict too....I am sure most of you can relate LOL

I am enjoying the time I am having off from quilting as I am 
able to delve into a different worlds of sewing...
There is so much out there...

If you have never tried to make your own clothing 
then I suggest giving it a go, I promise you will 
be very please with the result....and using a resource like 
YouTube has given me the confidence to step out of 
my comfort zone and it will help you too :) 

Till Next Time 
Happy Quilting ") N 

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