Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Quilt #53 ") Helen's Quilt

Today I thought I would try
something a little different in documenting
the quilts I do for customer's

I am very new to this Video thing
and YouTube....don't get me wrong
I have been using YouTube for some years
now for How to and DIY projects...

I have also up loaded a few different videos
on different things like my daughters using the
Quilting machine for the first time :)

but today is my first Video show and tell
as you will see and here in the video
I am nervous as hell...but I think you get the
Gist of what I am doing to Helen's Quilt

so here is the link to today's Quilt :) :)
again sorry about the nervousness

well I am off to load up the Next Quilt

Happy Quilting ") N