Thursday, 4 December 2014

Its Been a While...Quilts 94 to 103

Some of you may have thought that 
I was not Blogging anymore 
or that we have been Quiet
I can assure you that 
 I have been super busy with 
making custom Quilts and finishing 
up for the year here at Darvanalee Designs 

So for this post I am just putting up the pictures 
of the Quilts that i have done throughout the 
month of November 2014 

I must say there are some very 
talented people here in Kingaroy and Surrounds 
I love to see your work and help you finish of your 
gorgeous Quilts ...these quilts are in no particular 
order...but you can get the general idea 
about what I have been up to in the 
the last month 

as I said Busy Busy Busy :) :) 
I hope you enjoy seeing what the ladies 
have been up to :) :) 

I hope you enjoy the pictures of the quilts that have been 
completed :) :) 
Happy Quilting ") N

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