Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Gotta love a Black and White Quilt #86

wow i can't believe that I am up to Quilt 86
I have been quilting my butt off that is for sure 

today we are looking at one of 
jenny's quilts...this one is made for 
her Partner's nephew and he loves 
all things Black and white 

we used an all over quilting pattern 
called "airborne"  using a grey 
variegated thread 
we also used a red baking 
with crosshatched black to 
bring the quilt together

just looking at this quilt 
for me the simple patchwork 
patterns are sometimes 
the most effective I love this 
quilt...i think I might just have to 
put this one onto the "Must Do" List 

But for now I better get cracking and 
get another quilt into the Machine 

Happy Quilting ") N 

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