Friday, 26 September 2014

Needed some TLC Quilt #82

So have you ever had one of those quilts that 
have been love to within an inch of its life 
the quilt we are looking at today 
Belongs to Jill...

Jill contacted me to ask if i would be able 
to help her save her much loved 

after some emails and PM's back and forth 
we got under way 

Jill mailed her quilt to me
and I started to unpick the old quilting 

and take the old binding off 

we decided that stippling would be the best option 
I used a cream cotton and it blended really well 

then i was on the hunt for binding fabric 
to match or similar to the one that was on 
it originally ...YaY i found some...

after it was quilted we put a label on 
the back to tell its story 

as this quilt was originally purchase for Jill 
as a welcome to the world gift 28 yrs ago 
we put this information on the label 

I am sure that there will be soooo many more years 
to come of snuggle and cuddles under this gorgeous 
gift and now will be able to pass it on the the 
next generation 

I was very happy to help Jill with her 
much loved Teddy Bear Quilt 

Happy Quilting ") N 

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