Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Gotta Love a Red and White Quilt #50

We have done it we have reach quilt # 50 
in under 6 months....

wow what a 6 months it has been 
I haven't been quilting as much in the 
last couple weeks just one here and there
due to being the end of the financial year
I have been very busy getting all the 
stock ready for stock take 
and paper work for previous months
But enough about that lets get onto 
Lisa's Red and white Quilt...

this is the 3rd quilt that i have done for Lisa' in the last couple months 
you might remember here Blue Quilts 
that she had done for her Boys
you can find them here 
Lisa made this quilt with her friend in mind
but after she got it home and 
was putting the binding on it 
she decided that she was going to 
keep it for now she 
is onto another quilt for her 
friend that arrives in 5 weeks :) 

I love this type of quilt 
such a simple pattern 
but looks soo effective and the 
choice of colours has really set this off 

we used a variegated thread with an all over 
quilting pattern called "Wave on Wave"

Lisa's also wanted to have a black and white backing 
with the same cotton as on the top 
so now she has 2 quilts for the price of one :) 

here you can see the finished Quilt 

Happy Quilting ") N

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