Monday, 30 April 2012

Shaggy Raggy Bag

Shaggy Raggy Bag

 I just love making this bag it is just so handy for day to day 
and fits a lot into it....
My eldest daughter has made this bag  for her sisters for Christmas....
so it is a nice and easy bag to make even for beginners......
as I have held this as beginners class...and they all loved it 
.Now I have used a Accuquilt Go! in this tutorial
but if don't have one DON'T let that 
stop just have to make sure you sew 1" away from the edge of the fabric
so you have enough of a seam to clip with scissors :0) 

I hope you enjoy making this little bag :0)

 50 cm's Patterned Fabric
 1m Calico
50cm's Wadding
Rotary Cutter
Cutting Mat
Accuquilt GO!
Raggy Die for Accuquilt GO
! and Matt
  Sewing Machine
9" Fabric Square

Cutting Instructions Cut 4 x 9" squares of the patterned Fabric
Cut 12 x 9" squares of Calico (8 of which are for backing fabric)
cut 8 x 6 6/8" squares of wadding cut 2 x 2.5" Strips of calico Width of Fabric (WOF)

 So now we run all out 9" squares of fabric
through the Accuquilt GO!...I just love this
little machine it definitely  makes 
life a lot easier :0)

Accuquilt GO! Cutter Place your 4 patterned fabric squares onto you Accuquilt Raggy die cutter
then place the mat on top of fabric and run through the Accuquilt GO!
after you have ran it through then remove the
mat and you have your Raggy squares all clipped
for you...Now you can do up to 6 squares of fabric
but I only do 4 squares at a time using the Raggy die
repeat with all the calico squares until all completed
 Fabric squares after they have been ran through the Accuquilt Go!

Next we cut the corners out  
they should look like this after
you have cut out all the corners


 Next we sandwich 1 patterned square of fabric
with a piece of wadding and a square
of calico repeat with the remaining fabric

Now we need to get a water soluble marker
and mark a cross on the backing fabric
as in the image above 
don't worry as soon as water touches the marker it will disappear 

now sew along the your marked line from corner to 
corner using coordinating thread using the matching thread in the bobbin
as you are using top thread on the backing and the bobbin will be on the 
front of your bag you need to make sure it matches the front of your bag
in my case i used cream thread in both 
Now to the fun part...the bag layout...
I have chosen to lay mine out this way 

 then place the 2 suares together with the backsides 
facing each other

now sew from corner to corner along the right hand 

continue to do this with all your Raggy squares

you should end up with 4 rectangles as shown

Next take 2 of the rectangles and we
sew them together again we have the 
backs touching and we sew from corner
to corner on the right hand side....
repeat for the with the 2 other 

we now have 2 panels a front and a back....
Now take these 2 panels and lay them 
with backs touching

 and sew down 
the 3 sides leaving the top open 

 next construct the handles for the bag
take your 2.5" strips and sew them down 
both sides to create a tube...turn tube in
the right way as shown in picture above

Now to attach the handles to the bag body
we attach them at the side seems 
*First roll the top of the bag like shown 
in picture above.....
Then sew along the top edge using a 1/4" seam 
at this stage you can use any decorative
stitch that you might like...
be careful when you get the where the handles 
are going to be attached as it is thick and you
need to go slow  

And there you have it....
One finished bag :0)
now you can throw this bag 
into the washing machine and 
all your fringing will curl a little
it is a great effect 

Happy Quilting :o)


  1. Great tutorial! I love the pictures! I look forward to seeing more of your blogs.:)

    1. Thank you for your kind words..I'm looking forward to getting more posts up :0) I hope you enjoy them :0)

  2. Love this bag, Nicole! I will show it to Savanna -- I know she will want to make it!! Looking forward to more of your blogs!

    1. this is an awesome bag for the kids to make...I know My eldest Miss Dj..just loves them...I would love to see some pics of them when savanna has finished :0)