Friday, 13 April 2018

Show'n'Tell Monday Topic

Well, it's that time of the week again, 
Show'n'Tell Topic has been released YaY...

I always love when the topic comes is as much of
a surprise to me as it is to you...

I love it, running a business sometimes the element of
surprise and intrigue disappears, it is all about running
everything smoothly, So I enlisted the help of Sarah for the
show and tell topics, we always get insightful and heartfelt
Posts from Sarah... They make us think, they make us laugh
and even sometimes send us on an adventure.
Today's topic is no different...
This Weeks topic is going to take us out of the sewing room
and have a look at the world around us. 
Below is Sarah's Post for you to read and at the end of the post
is this coming Monday's Topic...So get those walking shoes on and
let's go for an adventure.

*** Post as written by Sarah for DDs Quilting & Crafting Group on Facebook***
I have become dependent on quilting patterns to help me envision what I could end up creating with fabric and thread. Yes, I agree - this is a rather “duhhhhhh” kinda statement. Isn’t that what patterns are for; a source of inspiration - aside from skill acquisition. However, I sometimes get worried that I may become too dependent on perception, that my ability to see patterns outside the box maybe diluted by my dependency and when I see a pattern on paper, I wonder if I have the ability to see “something” else. Of course, that would dilute the goal of the pattern….

When Sophie was 2, she went through a phase where she only wanted to wear dresses. Hence my beginning into sewing and patterns. I HATED sewing patterns. I just didn’t like being “told” what to do and how to do it. So very oxy moronic because my quilting has to do with patterns and their dependency to create a positive outcome. However, I hate loosing any natural creativity because of patterns. For example:I am going to create a project using a new pattern by Annie Unrein (with the help of my friends… tee-hee…a lot of help), and when I read the pattern, it reminded me of another pattern of Ms. Unrein’s and though there is an appreciation of a repeat of skills, I don’t want my brain to become numb or to get dumbed down.

Most of you know that every morning my trusted companion - my dog and I take a walk. Actually, we go out at least 4 times a day, and my mindset is usually on the patterns I “see” that would make remarkable quilts. I love my walks because of what I see - patterns in sidewalks, the fire hydrant that I saw this morning, the utility box; in fact, last year when I was at the Dallas airport, the carpet patterns were amazing. The lines created by our window treatments reminds me of linear free motion quilting, and our doors are perfect rectangles, surrounded by their own linear lines. The grocery cart - more linear lines and the shape of our swimming pool would make an excellent ruler for free motion quilting. It's funny that I don’t listen to music while I walk because I like to hear the symphony of birds singing but my eyes are wide open.

And don’t get me wrong. I am totally indebted to those who can design patterns for people like me who have battled with the lack of communication between my left and right brain and my hands. I think about patterns, and I see patterns, and sometimes I hear voices…lol but those voices- that’s another story, but the ability to transfer these thoughts are next to impossible. However, I constantly think about the potential of “what could be.”

Show and Tell Monday, April 16th - Alrighty…get your walking shoes on, take that dog or cat with you on a walk or even a spouse or friend and look for patterns…something that could be used as a quilting pattern, take a picture and post it. The only rule is, you can not use anything in your sewing room. That would be too easy because being in that room will create the ease of finding a pattern. So you have to really “look” beyond the comfort of your sewing room. You will be AMAZED at what you discover.

I look forward to seeing your pictures and responses on Monday...
If you haven't joined our Facebook Group well you can do that 

"Till Next time Happy 
Quilting & Crafting ") N

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