Sunday, 8 April 2018

OMG!!! This is a Massive sale!!! Diamond Painting

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Just recently I discovered the wonderful world of Diamond Painting
and I must say I love it...I am thoroughly addicted, to say the least...I have even created a couple YouTube Videos to show you what it is all about... You can see them HERE

So what is Diamond painting? 

Well put simply it is a cross between Cross Stitch and Paint by Numbers...
You get everything you need in every kit.
I have found it very relaxing, and I usually end my day with some diamond painting...Both my 11yr & 13yr old, have    also caught the bug

and to top my joy off this morning, I got the email letting me know of the massive sale 
that is Happening as one of my fav shopping destinations 
Paint With Diamonds. I have included a couple of Diamond Paintings that are on the way to me as I type and you can see their complete collection below with a link I have provided.

Click here to purchase
There is a massive sale is happening right now at Paint with Diamonds...
massive spring sale up to 75% off and check it out,
 there is even a coupon code for an extra 25%
Check out their complete range with my affiliate link HERE

Complete Collection can be found here 

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