Sunday, 22 April 2018

How to Make Quick & Easy Coasters

How to make Quick & Easy Coasters

These coasters are another go-to gift I make when 
I am in a pinch...Better still they are a great way to 
use up some of those scraps that you have laying around...

So what are you going to need: 

4.5" squares of Fabric ( I used white) you will need 8 for a set of 
4 coasters 
4.5" square of either Cotton Batting, Fusible Foam or Fleece...
you can even use Insulbright too... you will need 4 
2.5" squares of contrasting fabric you will need 4 of these 
2.5" square of Heat'n'Bond you will also need 4 of these 

if you don't have these items you can find all that you need to make this 
project by clicking the following link  HERE including the fabric that was 
used in this project...

Now onto the project...Head over to our YouTube video for 
all the information you will need to make these cute 
Fabric Coasters...

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