Sunday, 17 September 2017

National Sew A Jelly Roll Day...What Did you Do to Celebrate?

Yesterday was National Sew a Jelly Roll Day..
What did you do? 

A couple Friends and I went over Aliselou Designs 
in Nanango Qld

With Jelly Rolls in hand and Sewing machines in Tow 
we were off...we arrived at 1pm for 4 hours of sewing fun.

Then came the big decision
What are we going to make...

Well with a multitude of patterns to choose from, some of which I will list at the end of this post..
we got to searching and wondering what to do...then 

Coral and I decided to go with a MSQC pattern that was up loaded to YouTube on the 
24th of August call Windmill. you can find this Tutorial Here 
I purchased a lovely Jelly Roll  called "Summer Feast"
from Sylvia, the owner of Aliselou Designs, 
even though I went with my own Moda Jelly Roll...I just couldn't help myself, it was just so 
Pretty.. LOL
Coral had purchased a little earlier in the week..a gorgeous black,white and Red one.
Then we were off sewing up a storm...we started by sewing up our strip
sets of 2...the whole Jelly Roll...Nice and easy as you will see from the Tutorial...
Then it was time to add the 5.5 inch strip of background fabric.
Coral and her first of many windmills 
Lynda Decided on a gorgeous Blue and Cream Jelly Roll 
and was keeping it simple...not using a pattern and just making it up 
as she went....she decided to go the strip sets of 6, so she was sewing up a strip 
set storm....Then she cut all the strip sets into 12x12 inch Blocks added a sashing 
strip between the blocks and had one going vertical and one horizontal 
as you can see from a picture that I took. 
Lynda and her 1st row
Sylvia was also sewing up a storm too...
the colours that Sylvia was using were just divine 
and I can't wait to see what her quilt looks like when it is finished 
and don't worry you will get to see it...I will be taking some pictures 
once it is finished...I can tell you it is going to be beautiful. 

Lots of laughs, coffee and cake (Jelly Rolls from the Bakery) 
was consumed...Even thought there was only the 4 of us 
we had a blast and we hope to do it again sooner rather than 
later...And next time there will be more of us as I know there 
were a few others that wanted to come with us, but were otherwise 

So next time you hear about the National Sew a Jelly Roll Day
Go to your stash and grab those Jelly Rolls that you have been collecting 
and head to your Local Patchwork and Quilting shop or Go on a road trip with friends to a Shop 
 that has a day planed and get sewing. I promise you won't regret it 
we had so much fun ") 

Below are some of the links that I shared yesterday on my Facebook Page 
with many more than listed there.

Till next time 
Happy Quilting ") N

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