Monday, 18 September 2017

Holiday Sit'n'Sew Fun

Today was our Weekly Sit'nSew Class 
we run this class every Monday from 
9:30am to 12:30pm
and today we had the pleasure of Bec and Miss T
joining us for a mother daughter sewing morning 
a great way to spend some time together...
We are looking into doing this Next year as 
a permanent Holiday Class 

Miss T decided that she was going to make herself a
Plate bag for her up and coming Camp with her Girl Guide troop

The pattern we use was one that I found, when I Googled 
Easy Drawstring Bag and the first one that came up was 
Diary of a Quilter Tutorial....
This was super simple and great for the beginner sewer, 
and as it says in the opening paragraph great for teaching kids 
to sew...

once we had picked out fabrics 
it was time to start sewing up a storm. 
Miss T takes instruction well and was able to 
follow along with the step by step tutorial 
So thank you Diary of a Quilter for making it easy for me to 
help Miss T make her plate bag for Girl Guides...

Miss T also made herself a Bookmark (see above pic) using 
the leftovers from the bag...we had a 2 inch strip 
and took so scrap Foam from my bag making 
and as both sides of the foam are fusible. we were able to fused 
the fabric to either side of the foam, making it super 
easy and quick... then Miss T sewed 1/4 inch all the way around 
to secure the fabric to the foam.
Next using the pinking shears we pinked all the way round 
then added a little bling and a ribbon to the top just to  dress it up a little...
she was very pleased with herself....
Bec got a sneaky picture of me...A rare sight indeed ") 

The lovely Bec made a little sewing pouch today.
Bec has had, her sewing machine for the past 
11 yrs and it was still in the box...
So today was the day that she finally got the big 
girl out and learned how to use is a lovely machine 
and very simple to use...Bec played with her machine before she started 
sewing. This was so she could get use to how it worked and where everything is 
on the machine 
Bec had her fabric in hand and was ready to start her pouch...after some 
initial prep work we were sewing away the morning...
the pouch that she made is a variation on a accordion pouch....If you 
do a YouTube search several will pop up :)...I however will be doing a 
tutorial in the coming weeks of the one that I use and have tweaked 
so watch this space...

Now Miss Lynda came too (but was camera shy today)  and she was helping me with some binding Jobs that I have in the Que at the moment...I don't know what I would do 
without her....she keeps me moving some weeks when 
we are super busy....Thank you so much Lynda ")
I appreciate all that you do for me ")  

Till next time 
Happy Quilting ") N


  1. Such. A worthwhile pursuit teaching young people to sew and giving them a life long skill that can bring them such joy. Well done!

    1. I love that my students no matter what age they as you say gaining a life long skill, that they can build on :) ...thank you for stopping by...I hope I see you often

  2. LOVE your blog Nicole & how you share your gift of teaching! Lucky students! ♡