Thursday, 31 July 2014

Holly is one Lucky Girl Quilt #63

Wow Time goes by so quickly theses days it has already been a week since my last post .
thing are humming along nicely here at
Darvanalee Designs

Lots of quilts getting quilted
we have even stepped up our
Handmade custom quilts for those
wanting a special hand made
gift for their loved ones
anyway enough about that for now

Today we are displaying one of those special
handmade custom quilts
for one very special little Princess
Miss H

Magenta first approached me at the beginning of the year to make her special Little Boy Nathan a lovely can read all about Nathans quilt here.......
head over to Nathans FB page to see his story you find it Here

Magenta wanted the same pattern but in a pink it is a Riley Blake pattern and it can me found Here :) we made a change to this quilt... we decided to changed a the cornerstones in the sashing so we picked out the fabric in the case we used
 Riley Blake "Lovey Dovey"
just perfect for a little Princess :)

so then it was onto the Cutting of the fabric
I used a Fat Quater pack for this quilt :) 

so as you can see we got to cutting up all the squares that were needed and then it was on to the sewing up the 4 patches

I love the sewing of these quilts as you just know that they
are going to be love and cherished for a very long time
and the colours in this range are just divine
below you can see some of the 4 patches coming together
some might wonder why so many pictures of the different stages
well the answer is simple...You see Magenta has received these pictures
so that she can be part of the quilt making is part of the service that you
receive when you commission Darvanalee Designs
next we moved onto the lay out of the quilt and that is always the fun part yay

so after some time of sewing and piecing the wonderful quilt together
we moved onto the quilting was finally time to load the quilt
into the machine YAY my favorite part :) :)
for this particular quilt
we went with an all over
quilting Design of "Cupcakes"
they are sooo cute ....

I also used a deep pink colour in the cotton
as we wanted them to stand out too

it took a few hours to get it finished and you can see my video of how they stitch out
and why as longarm Quilters we need the
extra backing and wadding fabrics Here

Magenta took delivery of her Daughters
quilt last week just in time for her birthday

we even put a little label on the back so she knows what is for when Miss H gets older
and she can tell her kids all about her
beautiful Quilt :) :)

Happy Quilting ") N
below are the pictures of the finished quilt :) 

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