Sunday, 13 July 2014

Awww Baby Elephant Quilt #59

Well here we are at Quilt # 59 
wow is all I can say 

today I have another new customer 
named Mistey from Kingaroy 

This Little quilt is for 
early arrival Grand child 
4 weeks early I might add 

Babies really like to keep you on your
toes lol 

anyway Mistey seen this particular
pattern on the best place in 
the Universe Pinterest :) 

you all know what I am talking about

you hear it all the time 
Oh I will just have a quick look 
on Pinterest and BOOOM 
5 hrs have past LOL 

so with out a pattern and just a picture 
to go with this is the end result of the 
quilt Loving it especially the felt baby elephants 
that have been appliqued on :) soooo Cute 

we used an all over quilting design
called "Animal Cracker" 
although it is normally a 12" pattern 
I adjusted it to a 9" x 15" pattern 
as it suited the quilt better not so big 

as you can see it has turned out just beautiful 
and Mistey loved it too 

it is now been delivered where I am 
sure it will be muched love and cherished 
by Bubba 

well now it is time to tackle another 
quilt and get it in the machine 

I will be working on another quilt for 
Debby'S next 

till next time 
Happy Quilting ") N

1 comment:

  1. The elephants really trumpet ;) the arrival of the new grandchild. Great quilt and love the quilting, you are super clever Nicole :)