Thursday, 18 February 2016

OH Yes!!!! here is my money :

While have a look around the web today 
a group that I am in on Facebook,
 Shared this article by The Sewing Rabbit 
of Super Cool Sewing Inventions 

Check out some of these awesome Ideas below.....

I particularly love this 
 big Eye needle
How Cool is that....this wasn't a concern for me until 
recently when  I noticed that my eyesight was getting 
a little... hmmm how can i say this 
well not so sharp lol...old age gets us 
one way or another lol

Big Eye Needle

and this Sewing machine is just awesome ....
what a perfect little machine to take the 
those Sewing/Quilting classes we all 
love to do.....and don't get me started on of the biggest hassles is getting 
our machines on flights to go to our 
retreats....This Solves all our problems 

For the Original post By 
The Sewing Rabbit
 click here
and check the other inventions :) :) 

Happy Quilting ") N

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